Fitness Training to Keep You Moving Forward and Staying Strong

Prove Them Wrong.

Join me on a mission to make movement an essential and enjoyable part of your daily well-being. Working with people of all diferent ages, fitness levels, injuries and health issues, I customize programs to suit personal needs and goals – pumping up the fun and confidence along the way!

Personal Training

PilatesPost RehabRecoveryInterval TrainingCardioMuscle ConditioningAqua FitnessIn-Studio TrainingOne on One & Groups

"My goal for all, is to have movement be a permanent fixture in your life."

Debra Kirsch


Come visit Debra in person at her home studio or take virtual tour on Zoom and see if DebJoyFit is the right gym for you. You’ll have the opportunity to see if you’re comfortable in training in either setting, and get direct answers to all of your questions.

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